Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Morning things {And Doshorods garden}

Uh btw before I start...Doshorod is so not how you actually write his name...that's just me making it easier for everyone else...well...and me ;) Otherwise (photo overload ahead...just as usual)

It's actually quite hard to describe breakfast since the general process is not that different. I mean you eat food. Great. But still, somehow even that is a whole lot of an experience here...
Every morning Doshorod comes and picks us up for breakfast. We have to walk through the village so we get to see quite a lot right in the morning. It's interesting. There life starts way earlier than ours does (we usually wake up at around 6 to be ready at 7. They wake up at 5). By the time we walk through the village they already swept everything with their branch-brooms, they probably started washing or cooking, looked after their animals,...we don't know what happens behind their walls. But when we walk through it,  every morning we can see women, standing at the water pump and getting water, washing, goats passing our way, people sitting together with small children in front of their house....there's always something happening on the "streets".

That's where we eat every day...well that's the place in front of the place we sit, that is. A water pump to wash your hands and every morning we get quite a few visitors. I don't know if this is because they usually use that water pump or just because they know we're having breakfast unsolved mystery
That's the actual place ;) water pump would be right on the left side outside the picture
I know blurry...but I love the simplicity of everything. Just. Simple.
So now, you get an idea ;)
I've learned pretty quick how to brew there super sweet black tea. Sugar highs every morning.
And post breakfast: Tiny (empty) cups, bananas, cookies, toast and jam

Normally we just go straight back to our house, brush our teeth and go to school. This morning however, Doshorod went to show us his garden. He got the plants and seeds and than figured out how to grow them best. He is proud of it. And it really does look awesome!

From the inside of the fence. Outside is a big open place where you either find cows or women drying their clothes...or both
He showed us every plant and I asked him a lot about which plants he grows when...sometimes it was a bit hard to get the same meaning on both sides...if it doesn't work: Just smile and nod your head ;)
Love carrots ♥
And the other half within the fence
I think nature is beautiful!
Two girls in an Indian garden...
So much for the whole garden work. I couldn't really find out what he does with the things he harvests...I tried to ask him but it was one of those smiling and nodding situations. I think some of it gets sold and some of it is used in the village. At least, that would be the obvious thing. But that's my smiling-and-nodding-interpretation....

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