Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

My Papaya story {papaya maneki pepe}

When I started for India I was pretty concerned about the whole food situation. What would they eat. Would it be 'balanced' enough (sorry I'm a health nut...most of the time), where there enough fruits/veggies etc.
They are quite a lot of fruits and vegetables actually. But, here's the thing: we mainly only eat bananas.
(Ok, ok. I know that might sound like whining. But if you consume all the fruits you'd normally eat with eating just bananas...well you might get into some...trouble). So. I was craving some other fruits. In fact I was craving Papayas. I mean they have Papaya trees here! It shouldn't be that hard to find myself a nice papaya fruit, right?

I actually got a papaya at one of the little huts right next to the street. And he gave it cheaper to me than he had asked for in the first place...
Anyway, only than it actually occurred to me that I might have brought everything with me....except for a knife. So how do you handle a papaya(!) without a knife?

My attempt on a papaya without a knife

You'll need: One papaya, one plastic bag (hence: No cutting board) and: Scissors!!
Behead the papaya and keep on cutting randomly until you have two halves...something weird yet? And absolutely crucial at that point: wipes!
Ehm yes.... Turned out that's why I got the papaya cheaper...never trust anything you get cheaper without doing anything for it!! That's so not ripe yet...and maybemaybe it's just me not being clever enough to picking a ripe papaya...are they in season yet anyway?!...oh well.
 So no papaya for me and back to bananas and feel free to leave tips on how to pick ripe papayas...I'd really like to know!

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