Samstag, 16. März 2013

Teaching {Some more and some less pleasant experiences}

I had already mentioned my encounter with the kindergarten at the RSV. But we wouldn't let us stop by one thing that didn't go that well, wouldn't we!?

So one evening Marie and I decided it was time to face the evening school in Ghosaldanga. People had told us that we would get help by the normal teacher and we assumed we would just get a look on how things worked and maybe try out a couple of things next time.

Far off!
When we entered the class (they had already started) there was no teacher in sight. We tried to slip in quietly though that does not really work since everyone greets you whenever and wherever you enter a room. Anyway we tried to squeeze right next to the wall so we wouldn't be disturbing whatever was going on. That, as it turned out, didn't work either. As soon as we tried to sit on the floor some of the kids got a blanket of one of the corners in the room for us to sit on and before we knew a class of kids (age 12-16) was facing us expectantly.
I like to go with honesty, right? Right! Honesty would mean: Holy s**** (sorry for that) but I got a tiny bit scared overwhelmed at that point...just a tiny bit you know.
But we wouldn't just go down like that. Nope it needed the realization that they spoke close to NO English at all. And we, well we were speaking close to no Bengali at all. Guess we had one thing in common. (Sorry but there is this one moment in life where you realize: Only heavy sarcasm is going to get you through that point. Hey there!)

We didn't just give up of course. We started with a question round ("Hello my name is Jo. What is your name?") went on with ("How old are you?") and ("I have 2 siblings. Two younger brothers. How many siblings do you have?") oh and they knew some body parts so we made a sketch on the board for that.
I guess we survived. And we knew what was coming the next time so we were prepared.

As for teaching in the RSV, there English level is a bit higher so we got around to do a bit more and could, at least, communicate. At the end, I really liked it. Kind of a different adventure.

Waiting for all the kids to arrive...and taking pictures, of course!!!
Class outside under trees
I didn't know you could be that scared about easy english! I constantly felt like we were teaching them the wrong things....sight
I got there attention by sketching this. So lesson learned: If you have a piece of paper and a pen, you'll always be able to communicate somehow (love that)
Super focused....
Name tags and emotions...."Today I feel: Crazy, exhausted, overwhelmed, tired, happy, curious." Woha
I think my bag fitted in just perfect

There are sadly no pictures of our Evening scared and busy for that ;)

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