Sonntag, 19. August 2012

The Color Me Rad 5k in Vancouver

It was amazing!
I had heard of the color me rad race before on some blogs and wished at that time, that I might get the opportunity to do it some day. I did not think of it that soon. But I loved it anyway.

The actual race was set up at 9 but we were supposed to be there at 8:15 AM. Since my bus timetable did not care for personal favours/wishes I was there at 8AM. Means: Standing up at 6 to eat something, pack my bag, get myself ready and head to the bus station (including 41 minutes in the bus and 10 minutes of walking)
Waiting for the bus
It was funny to see the bus slowly filling with people in white clothes (or at least: white shirts) Lucky me! This way, I was sure where to get off and just had to follow all the other white shirts.
I arrived (as just mentioned) one hour early. No team. No number yet (A friend of mine picked it up the day before and would not come for another 45 minutes). Well it was a little bit depressing. Since I did not really feel like bursting into any team and asking if I could join them I grabbed a paper and pen and did it my way:

"I need a team :) Do you have a free place? :D"

So creative I know ;) Anyway: It totally worked. (Thanks for nice people who are amused by the stuff I do!)
Best team ever (Jep they already had their sunglasses and numbers. I was still waiting for mine to arrive^^)
They did arrive.

Let the races begin!!

We were quite a few so they let people start in little waves. Which meant that we had to wait for 15/20 minutes. But it also meant we would not be overran by others. (And free time is the best photo time ever, isn't it?!)
Well our time came anyway. So let's get the color on!!

I started "high fiving" pretty much everyone. Which turned out to be a mistake since my hand is still blue...
The race was organised in certain periods were you would run and color stations in between. All sorted by color. Pink. Orange. Blue. Yellow. Green. Purple.

My first wave. Before and in

I think I resembled the avatar people pretty much in the end. Though that's definitely something fun!

It ended with one big color bombing every 10 minutes, though I only joined one and watched one other one. By that time I had color everywhere :D

Thanks to everyone who made it unforgettable!!

And the quote of the race: "I can already feel the power of color!!" (Little boy running past me)
Yay for that one and hands up!

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