Freitag, 17. August 2012

DIY: Bottled-craft-kit-gift

I needed some craft-post for a change (no crafting does just not seem to work for me...).
Luckily I caught the extrem super crafting bug just before I left so I got some post prepared.
Here we go:
This one is an easy and fast one but I love the outcome. Especially because it's a lovely gift for any friend of yours ;)

You'll need:

  • simple crafting supplies (I used:)
  • paper circles
  • yarn
  • glitter
  • scrapbook paper tags
  • ribbons
  • doily
  • fabric flowers...
Just get creative. Some of the stuff I had on hand, some I bought and some was just made. For example the scrapbook paper tags:
Simply put double sided tape on your choice of scrapbook paper and cut it to your preferred shape.

To finish it off. Put all the things in a nice container (Mine was an salad bottle painted with chalkboard paint).
Done. As I said. Easy and fast ;)

(And I'll post soon a post to give a reason why I had to carry my hot glue gun all the way to Canada. Jep I did this. Jep I know it's crazy. But that's probably just me again...)


  1. die heißklebepistole? XD wie cool! Deine Post ist übrigens doch angekommen! :) Finally! Danke, danke danke!!! :D

  2. haha ja xD Beste Grundausrüstung für alles :P
    Freut mich ♥