Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

The crane project {Vancouver, BC Canada}

It's all gray and cold here so I thought I might just add something that was one my list way too long already anyway.

I got some questions lately regarding my crane project in Canada, soooo...
First things first: I, of course, did my crane project but it went through a tiny change. I somehow thought it might be more fun to not just give some color and advice, but to involve people by doing so, right?! So here we go with the crane project in Canada (yeah, the crane might got a bit of a downgrade (does this word exist?!) to decoration, but...oh well)

The only thing/question I gave to people was: "Give me one piece of advice, serious/less serious that means something to you and that you think is worth sharing"

Eine Kleinigkeit ernsthaft oder weniger ernsthaft die dir wichtig ist und die du gerne teilen würdest...meine Sammlung aus Kanada.

The crane project, Vancouver, BC Canada

and because I liked to get people involved...I'll continue in that fashion and collect small pieces of wisdom and advice. Let's see what people in India will think of!!

Und mit meinem Crane Project und diesem Post mache ich auch beim Couch Blog Star Award mit ;)

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