Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Caramel dark chocolate bottomed creamy cheesecake

Yesterday I did say I'd post about my caramel-thingy-thing today. Though I'm dancing around in my Indian clothes getting all giddy and excited...and freaked out more and more by the minute so that sort of prevented the thing to happen yesterday...instead you get the recipe to this awesome cake today.

Anyway. Back to this caramel thingy. Which is so totally not a thing. It is a rich, smooth, creamy delicious caramel butter sauce. Oh yeah. And even better. That's just the part accompanying the, what I'd say, best homemade cheesecake I ever had in my entire life. Sounds dramatic. This needs drama! Because you have to believe me ;)
(I guess you already thought of it. Hence this long and not at all complicated title. But I do have to make a point! I love this cake!!!)

And the best part: It's super easy to make and doesn't call for any weird and special ingredients. The only difficult part is to restrain yourself to eat the batter before it goes into the oven and(!) to let this cake have its time to cool down (which I totally had not! It tastes good when its warm as well...just so you know)

Cake with caramel sauce
Moist chocolate cheesy goodness...
And the sauce is awesome on pretty much everything! Cake, Coffee, Ice cream....

And because for once I followed every single step from the original recipe. I'll just provide you with the link and lots and lots of mouth watering pictures ;)
Here you go! (Though I have a few tips!!)
  1. I added a bit more chocolate powder since I wanted a really dark base. I also like the stronger cocoa flavour.
  2. I did not beat the egg white separately and it worked out just perfect (ok. I have to admit: I was so looking forward to this cake and simply over read this harm was done obviously ;) so for everyone who is as impatient as I am: Here you go!)
  3. I also added about 10 more minutes to the baking time (I waited for the center to rise just as much as the rim did)
  4. For the sauce: You'll need high heat! Not low. It took me about half an hour to make the sauce because it just wouldn't turn to this so beloved caramel color. After I turned my heat from low to high it worked. (Lots and lots of stirring until I got to that point, I tell you!)
  5. And: The whole thing has the consistency of bubbling lava while boiling! Don't be afraid. It turns out awesome!
And with that, one last point: I love how the sauce did turn out! I tried so many caramel creams/sauces/whatever before and they would always become hard and not spreadable in the end. This one did not! And even though it wasn't quite saucy at the end it was the best cream I ever had!

Enjoy ;)

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