Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

12 von 12 {Februar 2013}

12 pictures during every 12th of every month. Here we go:

Waking up earlier to meet my dad for breakfast and get all sort of things done before that...lists, nails, showers...cuddling with my cat!!
A yummy caramel latte accompanyed my croque monsieur breakfast...we'll see what's going to happen with this coffee addicted person in India!!
Found on some post box...
And bought that for tomorrow
We always seem to end up at the same places...but they are good ones!
We also made it to the museum...I actually start to get into it...this whole staring at pictures can be fun...shocking! I know.
Colors and patterns (though it was not part of the whole art...that was architecture...I guess. Haha who can tell!)
Lunch together
And back home for some light reading and a fruit smoothie ♥
I went to see a friend of mine and to talk about all the things that needed to be talked about...oh and we had cheesecake...more on that tomorrow ;) (with the sauce pictured here...sooooo good! Trust me! You have to come back tomorrow! Like totally!!!)
Long icy walks because, obviously, there still was a lot to talk about ;)
And coming back to my room after some fun family dinners, even more stories and more laughing...and more stories (Since this is so surprising around here ;) ) ...And apart of all the stories, I think my day way pretty much just eating...or is this just me?! Haha oh well...
Everyone else can be found here and I hope your day was just as wonderful as mine was...because even with ups and downs, uncertainty and fear...life can be beautiful.

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