Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Life right now {whining, ups and downs and India }

Life is all but a bit complicated right now.
I thought I might just admit it. Duh!
The last half a year has brought I few major changes for me, and I find myself a bit lost when I see old stuff that meant the world to me before and which I'm more than happily throwing away now (To be honest...I've been throwing away so much stuff that I'm down to a few rare memory things, my clothes, my sewing stuff and my books. Done) and also people who I went along with so well before and now...well I feel a bit lost and out of place.
There are times where it's pretty hard to adjust back...or just accept the current situation, and times where I'm disgusted by myself (for all this self pity. Serious. I hate self pity!).

So I guess it's sort of time to get a move on.

I'm so looking forward to India as in experiencing some more major and huge changes. I'm guessing it won't be easy but I'm looking forward to it nevertheless. So ready to bring the adventure on. And I'm more than ready to bring life on after that. Major things are going to happen! Yay! (Quite major around here right now...)

On to the really importing things!
India (as mentioned above) is getting closer ans closer and I'm starting to really get into the whole packing, list writing, buying, planning, freaking out...nah I'd NEVER would do that, right...?, organizing kind of trouble.

That's going to be it
Adding to that I just got an email informing me that there might be a general strike in India right around the time of my arrival. It could either effect my flight from Deli to Calcutta or me travelling from Calcutta to my village. So right now I'm preparing myself to a) a stay in Deli for one or two days or b) a stay in Calcutta for one or two days or c) traveling by myself with a taxi to the village (which would be the best option after all).
I do admit this makes the whole thing quite more...well...uhm, interesting. But since I got the message early I'll have time to prepare myself mentally for the whole thing. Preparation! Do it! Now!...anyone wants to come along with me? 

And while all this is bugging my mind and keeps me short on sleep time will just move on and before you know it I'll be posting happily from India, informing you all that it was a piece of cake and I'm enjoying my time. Right? Right?

Otherwise, I've been... 

...been shopping for some plants with my mum (love those shops...maybe I should change my career plans...just kidding)
It's too cold for running right now (well, at least it's too cold for me) but it's just right for long and beautiful walks
Past little frozen ponds (Can you see those amazing snowflake patterns...I actually don't even think it's a snowflake but more just like a frost flower)
And more wonderful snow flowers (but don't let you trick into believing the sky is actually was...for like 10 minutes. But who doesn't love this all time consuming dull gray we're sporting right now...psh)
And Mr. Peter the plant is adjusting quite well I'd say
So much to my home/mind state and current situation!

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