Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Paris {stores}

As I already mentioned before we didn't do our Paris trip the normal style. One reason for this was also our wonderful renter who knew heaps and heaps of small hidden streets packed with cute stores and cafés. I thought I just might share it with all of you ;)

So here we go: This was our "secret store and food map" Everything that's pink is good.
If you can't read it properly feel free to mail me and I'll sent you the original picture
Let's start with cute stores:

There are several stores spread across Paris though we visited the one located at the channel (see card above). There are three stores next to each other organised by "content". They are everything we love. Colourful, vintage styled, exceptional, cute, it enough to say that I spent three times the amount of money than I had plant on spending?!
Pure love!

Pop Market
We discovered this store after we crossed the channel. It is packed with cute little things over which I could still freak out non stop. Just like Antoine&Lili it is colourful but more into the new and cute style. Still absolutely amazing! I especially fell in love with a golden necklace. We even came back on Monday before we had to leave but sadly the store was closed. Maybe next time?

This was a special tip. And it was amazing (I did use this word quite often by now, didn't I. Though it's just because I'm lacking words considering so many beautiful shops!) Merci has everything (Lamps, clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff, garden equipment...) but wonderfully arranged and displayed in a huge old hall. I fell for the store the second I stepped into it. You have to give it a try!!

Those three were our favourites but just keep checking out the "pink-streets" :) they are packed with cute little stores and what could be better than taking a break at the channel during your shopping trips and enjoying some french baguette and salad and a coffee afterwards in one of the cute cafés?!

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