Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

DIY: Instagram bookmarks

Sometimes I've got the coolest posts in my head but I just can't find the right beginning (do you know this feeling!?).
Anyway. The weather is still crazy and I'm still happy as Larry but something was bothering me lately.
I love to take way too many photos. And since this is a hobby and not a job, all photos and up in a file (if they are really lucky) on my computer and that's it. Sad but true.
So I thought of some ways to display them somehow. I ended up with three ideas.

Here we go with number 1.: Instagram bookmarks

 You'll need:
  • photos
  • scissor
  • glue
  • coloured paper
  • pen
  • transparent adhesive foil
  • optional: deco stuff
 I printed my photos out about the size 4cmx4cm. Easy peasy: Cut and stick together with sellotape.

Add some graphic elements or simply just some masking tape (everything looks cuter with masking tape!). Glue them on your coloured paper and wrap them up in transparent adhesive foil.
Take a good book and enjoy your photos :)

This is not complicated or sophisticated but since I'm giddy and more up and around the world than sitting at my table, a short but cute project just suits me fine. I hope you like it too :)

Btw: My mum and I will leave to Paris tomorrow for four days (my graduation present!!) which leaves me to think of: I did not start packing not me!

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