Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Paris {flying cranes}

We arrived exhausted but happy back home yesterday. Paris is amazing. I've got several posts waiting to be put together (awesome food and cute little stores!!) but I'll start with my cranes. (And to be honest I'm sort of pretty tired right now....)
But of course my cranes went flying :)

I used the second my mum decided to visit the Orangerie (which is truly truly amazing!) but had to stand in line for several minutes. Masking tape, check. Cranes, check. Bench, light post, chairs, check.

It was rainy this day but I still stayed with my plan and just kept pinning them to benches and chairs. The best feeling was the moment I watched a couple choose "my" bench and taking several minutes reading the cranes messages and looking out for the others I had glued to light posts and chairs. Mission accomplished. There is already a new city waiting :)

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