Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Paris {food}

This is probably my favourite Paris post since it is about what I love most: Food!
If I had the time and ability, I'd eat all day long. So Paris was practically heaven for me. We ate and walked and ate and walked and ate. Doesn't it just sound amazing!?

We began each day with a fresh french croissant some orange juice and delicious fruit jam. And there is just this difference between a normal German croissant and this crispy, soft, buttery heaven thing of a french croissant. (Well especially buttery. But it is delicious!!)

Since I don't want to write a post about croissants (I totally could though) let's talk about some locations we visited :)

Le Café du commerce

We discovered this one at our last day but it was my favourite of all time. It is quite hidden not attention-grabbing or anything but don't walk past it. It has this certain special old and used flair, a kind and lively staff and awesome food (and not expensive!).
13, rue Clignancourt 75018 Paris

The Channel
Don't miss the possibility to grab some food in one of the supermarkets and make your way to the channel, sitting lazily at its side and enjoying your lunch.
For the channel look at our pink map.

This (again) was a tip from our renter. It is one of those really fancy places (so fancy that I did not dare to take pictures actually...) but an experiences for sure. And I do know what's a hot chocolate now!!

The Cork and Caban
This one was discovered by accident. It is located right next to the channel and a beautiful little pub-like-café. The owner speaks English (obviously) and it just has this flair and style my mum and I totally love!

Macarons (not a café but worth to be mentioned!!)
Don't miss to try macarons. And don't hesitate to spent a little bit of money. We bought ours from pierre hermé.


  1. Love love Love! Paris and its food...sigh. Will you go back? I went in Lauree. Bought a rosewater macaron which was heaven. I want to go back so much!

    1. It was definitely one of the best trips I've ever did so I guess I'll definitely go back! And imagine doing the whole thing with your boyfriend! Or just as a sketching/eating journey...ahhh haha you see I'm addicted :D