Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Birthday weekend {Chocolate-fruit-layer-cheesecake}

So I arrived safely back home on Friday. It was good to get away from everything but as much as I enjoyed some "out-time" I'm happy to have everything back to normal now and start with my hilarious long To-Do-List (Did I mention I'm addicted to lists?...well if not: Here we go: I'm addicted to them!)
I started my list during my holidays since random things, which needed to be done, appeared in my mind (and I'm always scared to forget the really important stuff...).

And since blogging is listed as well (I also list the stuff I enjoy doing...) We might just start with it :)

This weekend was our "Birthday-weekend" It was my dad's girlfriend on Friday, my niece yesterday and my mum today. Lots and lots of birthday wishes...
 So since it is my mum and I'm in a total cake-mood I attempted some cake-experimenting today.
Warning: Photo-Overload!

I was in the mood for something new. And also very specific about it.
It had to be cheesy, cake-like and fruity. So here we go.

 I used a cake batter recipe I had already used before. I loved it back then, it was just that the cream it came with was ways too heavy for my taste. So this time I only went with the batter (I used half of the recipe amount).

For my cheesecake-chocolate-cream I used this recipe without the cookie-crumb-base. The amount of cream was perfect! Easy peasy...
(In English: You'll need130gr of white-, dark- and normal chocolate, 250gr cream cheese, 250gr mascarpone and 50gr creme fraiche. Mix together the moist ingredients,divide into three. Melt chocolate and mix together each with one portion of your cream)

You'll also need: One big can of nectarines and 500gr fresh strawberries.

Make your batter.

I put the cake back in the fridge in between the different steps so the cream would set.
For separating the halves just use a nylon thread.
And I made sure my fruits were dried well so they wouldn't soak the cake completely.

Update: After assembling the cake and eating it I would recommend to put the first layer of fruits between the first two chocolate layers (not on top of them). It just makes the cake easier to eat.

The original cheesecake-cream-recipe calls for a "cream-pipe" (How do you actually call them...?) But I just went with the simple spoon method. Anyway wonky works just fine for me. However you could make it less wonky by using those pipes-things (The ones I used for the top decoration...).

Happy Birthday Mum :)

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